There are no refunds for partial month’s rent.

Security Deposit:

Upon signing the lease, the tenant shall pay a security, cleaning and damage deposit. This deposit shall be returned to the tenant within fifteen (15) days after the unit is vacated, provided that the Landlord is satisfied that the unit is left in an undamaged and clean condition and that fifteen (15) days advance notice of vacating is given.

The Landlord may retain any amount necessary for compensation for arrears of rent, cleaning, and/or damage costs.

Arrears of Rent:

If the rent is in arrears for at least ten (10) days, or if the unit is not vacated upon termination of this contract, the Landlord may deem the unit abandoned along with the contents, therefore and upon ten (10) days notice in writing, sent by registered mail to the tenant at the address, or last known address, the Landlord may retake possession of the unit and sell the contents thereof to satisfy all monies due to the Landlord for arrears of rent, cleaning, and/or damage charges and all other associated costs.